SaaS pricing in uncertain times – 4 things to consider

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Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors faces challenges when pricing their services, particularly in the face of record inflation and rising labor costs. On the one hand, the SaaS market is showing rapid growth, with estimates of an 11.3% increase in business software spending to $880 billion in 2023. However, IT departments are facing an economic downturn and are looking to make their SaaS expenditure more efficient. SaaS vendors need to consider several factors when evaluating their pricing strategy, such as 

  • Making price increases reasonable and justifiable, 
  • Reconsidering freemium and flat-rate subscription pricing
  • Offering pricing tiers and usage-based pricing
  • Consider the impact of price increases on customer retention. 

SaaS vendors must be transparent with customers and provide clear value for their services. Read more on how to navigate uncertain times successfully. 

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