Hardware optimization for cloud workloads and why you need it

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 With the right cloud hardware you can increase the performance and security of your cloud workloads 

By moving workloads to virtual machines that use the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable Proces sors, testers cut the time taken to perform data analysis by 37%. All too often, we think of the cloud as a shapeless and undefined technological nether zone — literally, the cloud on our network diagram. Of course, it isn’t.

Each cloud workload runs in a container on a server or servers. And like any computing device, how well that server is optimized for the work it’s doing can have a signif icant impact on performance. Whether you’re running super-large databases for e-commerce, using PostgreSQL for authentication and authorization, are running line-of-business applications such as SAP — or something else —optimizing your hardware to your workload can help you cut costs, boost performance and even increase security.

In this paper, we’ll explain how workload optimization on cloud platforms is possible, how you can do it, and what it can achieve for you. We hope you find this white paper useful. If you have any questions about its contents or want to know more about how cloud workload optimization can work for you, Eviden consultants are available and happy to speak with you.

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