Demystifying AIOps for The IT Everyman

Published by Dell Technologies

What makes AIOps tools more than just the latest, buzzwordy entry in the endless parade of technologies that are marketed to ITOps professionals?

You’re likely interested in this new movement in the IT industry called “AIOps” (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations). This is still new territory, so your first question is probably,

  • What is AIOps, exactly?
  • Just what the heck is AIOps, and why should busy Ops people pay attention?
  • Why does AIOps exist?

AIOps Helps Keep Ops Agile. Put simply, AIOps tools are designed to make modern Ops teams work more efficiently. 

AIOps tools exist to make people suck less at wrangling the incomprehensible amounts of technology that we’ve all become utterly dependent upon.

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