Leaning Into The Technology Curve: The Power Of AI In Financial Services Compliance

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As dispersed workforces became the norm and the number of secure messaging applications being used to communicate for business purposes has greatly expanded, employees are taking conversations away from traditional communications channels as many as 45 times more than one year ago onto platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat. 

Behavox, the world’s only AI-based data operating platform used by firms to catch misconduct before it causes massive regulatory fines and company crises, recently announced its ability to capture and supervise mobile data from the WhatsApp and WeChat platforms, thanks to a new integration partnership with TeleMessage, a provider of mobile communication capture and archiving for compliance with financial regulations. An increasingly relevant capability due to the growth of unauthorized mobile instant messaging tools in the corporate workplace and its impact on monitoring risk in a diverse IT environment. 

Investing in new technology to is an obvious solution, however ideally that technology will deliver insights about workforce behavior that can help the compliance officer to drive improvements in corporate culture. Deciding when and how is anything but easy. This white paper frames the problems CCOs are facing and suggests a roadmap for next steps.

In this white paper you’ll learn: 

  • How the latest compliance technology leverages AI to identify instances of non-compliance
  • The compliance capabilities firms should develop for effective programs in 2021 and beyond
  • How you can use AI and data analytics – not only to ensure regulatory compliance – but to drive efficiencies and strengthen compliance programs overall

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