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Securing Endpoints Amid New Threats

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Giving employees the flexibility to be fully productive while working remotely makes it critical that businesses have endpoint security measures in place to prevent, detect and respond to the growing threat landscape while allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely.

As IT leaders scan the horizon for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are planning on a new normal with a far higher number of remote workers than ever before. While many companies and their employees will benefitdue to higher productivity and a more flexible work style, a price must be paid in terms of protection. The spike in remote work due to COVID-19 has made defending endpoints more difficult – 84% of IT leaders say protecting a remote workforce is harder. One likely explanation is the 148% increase in ransomware attacks on global organizations amid the pandemic outbreak. What makes this a sobering statistic is that home office workers rely on email as their primary means of business communication, which has led to a 350% increase in phishing attacks.

The sudden shift to remote work takes place against a backdrop of many troubling cyber security concerns, which are taxing the expertise of cyber security professionals.


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