The Fastest Way to Modernize Apps Isn’t What You Think

Published by VMware

Future Ready with SaaS Management

When it comes to digital transformation, we hold these truths to be really, really evident:

  • Organizations big and small recognize software as an important differentiator.
  • IT departments are called upon to innovate—quickly.
  • Modernizing applications to run in the cloud is seen as an important way to accelerate innovation.
  • Achieving success in a world of multiple cloud solutions can be difficult.
  • There exists a better way to modernize apps that ensures flexibility, choice, and business value throughout the journey
  • toward the organization’s ideal future state.

For many organizations, the future state is easy to imagine. Either they innovate their applications on-premises or they move their portfolio to a public cloud in one fell swoop. The former is limiting; the latter is a lot harder than it sounds. Simply lifting an app and moving it to a cloud—or to multiple clouds—almost always leads to unforeseen challenges and delays.

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